Exceptional wedding gift ideas that the couple would actually appreciate


Didn’t we all grow up watching our parents giving the same old prize bonds as a gift to the newlyweds? We rolled our eyes/ scoffed whenever we saw any couple getting the crockery sets, crystal show pieces or bed sheets or a red Kaatan sari. But it’s high time we thought about some offbeat and useful gift ideas for the couples.

Here are some gift guides that Biye Shamlao has to share with you guys:


House nameplates

How many Bengali families have nameplate in front of their apartment? Barely no one! This wedding season why don’t we make an extra effort and gift them an unique nameplate for their new household.

Instant camera or Go Pro for their honeymoon

Any couple would be delighted to have instant cameras or Go Pros as their wedding gift to capture precious moments of their honeymoon. And guess what! These cameras are quite reasonable too. For instant cameras, make a budget of 6k-10k. For Go Pros exceed your budget a bit and make it 20k.

Pro tip: Go Pros are more worthy because you get to take photos and make videos all in one.


The safest and most thoughtful gift for the couple would be a nicely decorated envelope filled with cash. Imagine how happy would they be if they got cash as a gift and could buy stuff of their own choice?



Diet books

Only Bengali people know the amount of ‘Dawats’ the couples have to attend starting from the very next day after their marriage. Now staying fit can get quite difficult for them with all that rich foods having to ingest. Why not gift them a couple diet book and give them a reminder to stay in shape ;)

Cook books

Gift them unique cook books so that they can surprise each other with new dishes each day and have their own romantic date night at home!

Cute plants

Why not go eco-friendly with gifts this wedding season? Gift the couple small plants and with time, the plants grow. So does the couple.

The holy Quran

Couples that pray together, stay together. How thoughtful would it be to gift them the holy Quran!


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