Top 7 hair care tips for the bride to be



Most brides are likely to focus on the skin when it comes to bridal care. But they put the least effort on one of the most important thing to include, their hair! So how exactly are you going to plan your bridal care? Focus on your skin and do nothing to the hair? Or rush to your hair stylist only on your wedding day? Well that might give you a temporary solution but as a bride don’t you want that luscious voluminous hair all the time? Even after the day after the wedding, don’t you want to dazzle everyone’s eyes with your healthy hair at your in laws place with the least effort? If so then we are here for you girl! So just relax and read the following tips!

Treat your hair problems

If you start well in advance, treating your hair problems and doing away with them can be easy. For instance, if you are suffering from dandruff, apply a concoction of coconut oil and lemon juice or vinegar regularly to eliminate the problem. If you are experiencing hair loss, use onion juice or castor oil to prevent the same. But you need to be regular to make sure the problem is done away with for good.

Deep conditioning

Mix an egg with plain yoghurt. Whisk to make the mixture smooth and apply it on your hair. Do it at least once in two weeks to nourish your hair and let it absorb the goodness of deep protein conditioning. Once in a week, treat your hair with a blend of almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Say ‘NO’ to hair colors

Go for henna soaked in tea liquor with coffee powder instead of artificial colors. Use this recipe regularly, and your gray hair will soon vanish! 

Avoid heat treatments

Avoid using excessive heat through dryers, curlers and straightening tools. If needed, use a heat protecting serum prior to such usage. Always towel dry your hair after shampooing.

Make a habit to oil your hair

Moms are always right! Oiling your hair preferably once a week (overnight) using coconut hair oil or sesame oil is indeed a proven method of getting thick, black and shiny hair.

Take supplements

Supplements like biotin, vitamins, fish oil capsules provide internal nourishment.

Follow a good diet

The best way to get healthy hair is to drink lots of water and eat the right kind of foods. There is no alternative to this. Opt for cost-effective homemade treatments, drink gallons of water and add lots of nuts, fruits and vegetables to your diet. Zinc is also a vital element for preventing hair loss and premature greying. Likewise, vitamins C and E are also essential for new hair growth. 

Hair and Makeup : Spendor by Aneeka Bushra


Last but not the least, know that No amount of makeup or hair care can replace the inner glow that comes from being happy! So don’t stress and don’t forget to find your inner peace!



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