Must Have Bridal Shots


Brides put on a lot of effort to get dolled up on their big day. Your efforts won’t be worth it if all the up-close moments of you, as a bride, are not captured. After all, these are the memories you would cherish forever, whenever you look back. So here is a checklist of all sorts which will make it easier for you!

Close up makeup  shot

Hair & Makeup: GALA Makeover Studio & Salon by Navin Ahmed

Hair & Makeup: Prive’ Salon & Spa Ltd by Nahila Hedayet


Hair & Makeup: Splendor By Aneeka Bushra


Getting ready shots

Reminiscence Photography 





Hair & Makeup: Splendor By Aneeka Bushra

Flaunting your henna



Showcase your engagement ring

Your bridal feet with henna

Your gorgeous bridal shoes

Twirl it, girl!

Bridal Entry shot

Reminiscence Photography 

Veil game strong!

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Starting of a new beginning 


Lots of shots of your whole bridal look




Father of the Bride 

P.S This  picture has our heart 


Mother of the Bride

Reminiscence Photography 


 It’s time to say Goodbye 



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