6 important to do’s before the week of your wedding


A week away from saying "Kabul"—and trust us, we know you are more than ready for it. But with seven days to go, there are a few small but important tasks that need to be checked off your to-do list so you don’t fall short of anything. 

Over-communicate with your vendors

To make sure everyone is updated call every single wedding vendor and confirm, then re-confirm each arrangement you have with them. Things you might need to re-confirm can be: 

  • Give your caterer a final headcount.

  • Calling the car rentals (if any) and confirms the schedules.

  • Checking on the decorators if they got the exact floral décor or lighting you wanted. Assure your final headcount matches with your sitting arrangement. 

Designate and divide responsibilities among people

Truth be told, only the brides give their 100% into wedding planning, not the grooms. With so many planning and pressure, it is normal that things slip out of the bride’s mind. In that case, you can divide and designate responsibilities among different people. Like hand over the decoration department and shopping department to your sister or best friend. Share money department, catering department with your parents and would be husband. 

Schedule your beauty appointments

Make minor beauty appointments you want to be done that week. Go for a manicure/pedicure, waxing, spa, massage, blowout and facial. This goes for your groom too—make sure his hair is trimmed and face is shaved. Any experimental beauty treatments (like facial peels, hair colouring and drastic cuts) should not be done within a week but it is perfect if done 1 or 2 months back. 

Arrange help for guests who need it 

If you have any ill or elderly guests coming to your wedding, it will be meaningful for them to know you're so glad they can attend. Show your love by making sure they have proper transportation to and from the airport and your wedding events and that they have a comfortable place to stay. 

Have Your Wedding Attire Ready to Go

Have your wedding dress steamed—and don't try it on after it's been steamed or else it'll wrinkle again. Store it in the garment bag and hang it in a closet in a smoke-free, dry room. 

Take the Time to Pack Properly

Whether you're getting married within a week or you're leaving for your honeymoon a day after the reception, taking the time to pack thoughtfully for each event that week is crucial. If you start packing things beforehand you can cut off your stress to a great level!


Last but not the least, don’t forget to breathe, pamper yourself, spend time with your partner and be happy!


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