Planning an outdoor wedding: Have you been told about these details?


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Outdoor weddings are so much in vogue right now. Why wouldn’t it be! Perfect daylight, natural backdrop, less expenses and so on. Now, if only the planning were as simple as snapping your fingers. Check out to see these details about outdoor wedding and reconsider if you are really willing to deal with them!

The weather issue

Well you certainly don’t have to think about the rain in winter but a sudden blow of wind can wreck the venue decorations or blow off the candles if you are using any. Also the sun can get hotter at times in the winter as well. So in that case you need to think of tents or some indoor arrangements for the guests. And if you aren’t planning your wedding in the winter season, then rain is your biggest enemy here! 

Pest and bug issue

If it is a forest or a garden, then pests and bugs come free with it, and that is something you have to take very seriously, no matter how small the issue looks. They can bite, they can hover and make the food look unappealing and unhygienic, and they can generally buzz around and irritate people.

The flower décor issue

There are some flowers that happen to be most susceptible to wilting in the heat and humidity. And there  are the ones that attract more insects than normal, so check on that with your florist before placing the order as well.

The rest room issue

Well has anyone told you about the rest room facilities before?

The texture of the soil

If the soil is too soft in the garden, then the heels will dig in, spoiling expensive shoes and the bottom of the dress as well. You need to spend even more to lay carpets to make the soil/floor stable.

Extra lighting arrangements

You still have to arrange for some extra lighting to avoid the shades of trees or tents. Chances of a delay are always there in weddings, so if the event does get pushed beyond 5 PM, then you might have to keep backup lights ready so that the photos do not get affected.

Outdoor proof makeup and hair

Make sure to have some makeup spray handy for your summer wedding as the heat will surely melt down your beautiful makeup. You will also be needing some extra bobby pins and hairspray in case the wind blows your perfectly set bridal hair!

About the food

If it is a summer wedding then there is a high possibility of that the food might get affected because of the heat. You need to make arrangements for unlimited refreshing drinks and also not go for desserts that are prone to melting in the scorching heat. On the other hand, if it is a winter wedding then you have to constantly make sure if the food is warm all the time!


So if you are planning on an outdoor make sure if you checked these little details!

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