Holud Rehearsals Can Be Fun And We’ll Show You How!


All the glitz and glamour may not be gold, but it definitely is a sign of one heck of a Holud Ceremony! It is the most memorable event for both the bride and the groom as well as their friends and families. Months of excruciating planning accompanied by migraines and minor panic attacks lead to this eventful day. However, isn’t it why Holud Ceremonies are just a bit more special? It doesn’t always have to be so painful though. Let’s look at some tips and tricks to make it more exhilarating and a little less agonizing.

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Make A WhatsApp Group

First things first, make a WhatsApp group. Trust me, it will make your life easier and help to stay connected with the dancers. Also, it helps to share the rehearsal videos with the dancers who may have missed a few choreographies.  


Yes, let’s face it. Food works as an incentive for all the dancers. Having some chips and dips along with a few cans of sodas will keep your dancers alive. Just remember, you can never have too much of food lying around. The more, the merrier. 

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Join The Groups

Mix up the groups and different friend circles to ensure bonding and full attendance to the rehearsals. The more comfortable they are, the more fun it will be! 

Choreograph It Yourself

It is even more fun to come up with dance moves with friends and families than have some stranger teaching it to everyone. After all, you’re preparing for a Holud Ceremony and not IIFA awards right?

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Have At least One Crazy Group Song

After picking all your songs for the event, make sure to at least have one crazy group song where everyone can join and let loose. 

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Let Everyone Be A Part Of It

Everyone should enjoy the days leading up to the Holud Ceremony. Have all the uncles, aunties, grandmas, and grandpas join too! 

Photo Courtesy: Reminiscence Photography

Mix It Up!

Why do all the dances have to be so conventional? Have the guys perform a girls song and vice versa! Throw in a few props too, cause why not?

Host a Finale Night

Wrap it up! This is when the final run takes place. No new steps. Just polish it all up, have everyone help with the last minute Holud preparations, or even host a final dinner party the night before the big day!



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