Bridezillas! Here Are The Things To Say “No No” To A Week Before Your Wedding


Bridezillas! Here Are The Things To Say “No No” To A Week Before Your Wedding!


Your wedding is right around the corner, and you are spiraling out of control thanks to your ‘To-Do’ list. These are a list of things you should say NO to a week before the wedding. Follow it to the T and you’re good to go!


Say “No No”: To Fighting With Your Future Hubby

A week before the wedding, things may get a little crazy thanks to all the stress you might be going through. Do not take it out on your future husband. Instead, have him as your confidant and this whole week would go smooth. After all, there would be no wedding without the groom!


Say “No No”: To Eating Junk Food

Stress eating is a thing, but it should not be for a bride-to-be especially a week before the wedding. It might cause breakouts and may also result in altering those beautiful outfits you have lined up for the events.


Say “No No”: To Starting A New Diet

It is also very important to not start a crazy new diet just a week prior to the events. You need all the energy you can get to be ready for the wedding and starving yourself will definitely not give you the fuel you need. Make sure to have a well-balanced diet to stay healthy before the wedding!


Say “No No”: To Getting Too Busy For Your Friends and Family

Try to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones the week of your wedding. After your wedding, you will crave for these moments so why not make the most out of it when you can?!


Say “No No”: To Chemical Peel and Microdermabrasion

These definitely make your skin silky and smooth, but it is not the way to go a week before the wedding. It may result in potential redness, irritation, and inflammation. To be on the safe side, you should opt for these treatments a month or so before your events.



Say “No No”: To Drastic Makeovers

A crazy new haircut or a brand new hair color is not the best option just a few days before the wedding. We all know the urges we have to experiment with our looks, but we also know how it can backfire most of the times. Again, a few months before the wedding may be the ideal time to get a new hair color as it will give it some time to settle and tone down. Retouching the roots, hair spa, or hair treatment is a better option a week before the wedding.


Say “No No”: To Pulling Off An All Nighter

You’re stressed. A million things need to get done. However, pulling off an all nighter to accomplish them is not the answer. You need your sleep- it’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Or else, it may result in breakouts and dark circles. That’s something we definitely do NOT want to deal with before our wedding.



Say “No No”: To Trying Out New Products

Stick to your basic everyday skin care routine. A new facemask or foundation might be tempting, but it is better to save it for after your wedding. You definitely do not want any surprises on your face the day before the wedding.



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