Wedding Story- Tasnuva and Ashik




How did you guys meet?

Unlike most couples, we met through VERY awkward circumstances. Not the most ideal, but it was all up to ALLAH.

For almost four years, we were both very good friends and in the same circle during our Undergrad. We were also dating other people for the entirety of our Undergrad.

Funnily enough after graduation, we both somehow found ourselves single. We used to catch up A LOT after work. Next thing we know, within a year, we were dating.


When did you guys realize that you two want to get married?

I think around a year after we started dating. We both were experienced in relationships, and at that point of time we knew what he DID NOT want in a spouse. That helped us clearly spot what we actually wanted in a spouse.

We were very good friends for AGES. We were always supporting each other’s differences while celebrating the similarities. That added with a lot of love and respect helped us recognize right away, that “this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with”.

Having said that, we got married waaaay later.



How did you guys plan the whole wedding?

We didn’t! We were both abroad completing our Masters, having absolutely no time to even squeeze the thought of a wedding in our head. Our parents were always in touch, and the next thing we know, they met up and decided we are getting married in a few months.

As for our contributions towards the planning, we legitimately just sent our measurement and color preferences, it was all auto-pilot from then onwards.


What difficulties did you face?

To be honest, Bangladeshi weddings are getting more and more difficult these days. We both have siblings who had big weddings which we helped organize. It was never this tough before. More so, when you have to think about budget.

It was difficult to find a venue for our Nikkah, simply because everything was booked 1.5-2 years ago. After we managed the venue, just coordinating everything else like outfits, decorators, caterer etc seemed impossible.

The scale of difficulty was higher for us given we were living abroad, and had to check things through photos, send our measurements through emails and have information lost in translation when it came to vendors.



How did you choose the vendors?

We haven’t had out main events yet, and the way we are choosing vendors are through actually asking our friends and family members for detailed opinion.

We did not have the luxury to choose our vendors for the Nikkah, given we were short in time and the venue had conditions to use only their selected vendors.


What are the things you were worried about before your wedding?

Décor. I know that Decorations are becoming more and more extravagant these days, but we were unwilling to spend a hefty amount on something which would be existent for only a few hours. Our logic told us to spend more on things which were an investment, or even on our beloved guests.

Also, we had a very specific decoration design in mind, and were worried no vendor would be able to deliver it tastefully.


What hassles did you face?

Again, decorator. We had to use a specific decorator. It was a dreadful experience. He was not cooperative at all, all we heard from him was “no, this is not possible, don’t have this, don’t have that”. I really feel I didn’t get the service I paid for.

Having to sadly let go of our chosen decoration, we had to pick and choose from random designs they had, and I had to physically draw out, label, colour code an entire architecture of the stage.


Any funny incidents you want to add?

Contrary to popular belief, the BRIDE in this wedding was not the Bridezella. The Groom was.

Being a very picky individual who is totally and adorably neurotic about his outfit, the groom actually went a tad bit berserk because his outfit was not “groom-like” enough. This is 3am the night before the wedding.

So the groom-zella if I must say, went on a hunt for a very specific coloured pagri on the day of the event, only to manage it a few hours before.

Biggest irony: when he was asked if he wanted to wear a pagri a few weeks before the wedding, he had said “eww, no”.

Any suggestions for the to-be-weds?

Do NOT rely solely on Facebook photos/reviews when you are choosing vendors. Actually look into it. Asking close ones who had their weddings recently, is the best way.

I stepped away from a lot of popular vendors, which includes decorators, make-up artists, photographers, etc solely because the actual experience a few of my friends had with them, was horrible in reality.


But most importantly, I know that this won’t work, but don’t stress.

Honestly, I always believed that a “Wedding” is not a “Marriage”. It IS your big day, but it’s also ONE day. Even if things go wrong, remember that it’s only a day, but what you will be signing up for is much longer and hopefully more wonderful than that “one day”.


Are you a soon to-be-bride, to-be-groom, bride’s beautiful younger sister or the cool mama who is going through the trouble of organizing a wedding? Checkout our website to find, analyze and book the perfect vendors for your events. For further assistance, call 01775373298, leave a message on our Facebook page or DM us on Instagram!



September 17, 2021
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