Wedding Story- Farzana & Ison




The story began when Farzana and Ison, met at an interview for an internship. They both got hired and after some time started dating. Both of them loved the fact that things just clicked between them, there was a spark from the beginning. As they met at a time when both Farzana and Ison wanted to settle down, it was eminent that they would be getting married soon.


Every relationship has hurdles. Getting Farzana’s parents on board was the only obstacle they faced. As Farzana doesn’t keep secrets from her parents, they knew she was in a relationship from the very beginning. However, they didn’t know much about Ison. One day Farzana started the conversation of her marriage with her parents which didn’t go well.



 Things took a brighter turn when Farzana’s parents met Ison. Her parents were very impressed with him and became supportive of Farzana's choice. So with everyone on board, Farzana could finally marry the love of her life with the blessing of her parents. It was a dream come true.


Everything started moving very fast after that day. After convincing her parents, Farzana and ison were rushed to get engaged by their families, and had a small intimate akht program consisting of close friends. Things were easier to plan and execute in the reception, their second and the last program as they had more time.

 During these happy times Farzana was nervous about something else. She has always been rather simple. She doesn’t have much experience with makeup. The look she decided to go for her reception, she was most worried if she could pull it off and how it would look on her. None of her friends and family had ever seen her in full glam, and so, she was a little nervous about how they’d react to it as well. Gladly, it all went well in the end.



One problem they faced was the décor. They had a very tight schedule. Managing décor in such short time was difficult- but things got bitter when the uncooperative decorator failed to provide the customization she asked for, even after initially agreeing to provide it within the budget.

 Pre-wedding shoots often have untold stories which are generally very funny. They had a story as well. Farzana and Ison were both set to reach the venue early for pre-program photoshoot on the day of the Akht- but the pagri-wala hadn’t arrived and nor was he picking up Ison’s calls. Ison had to go out and find another guy for the job and reached venue rather late.



Farzana and Ison were both on time for their reception day shoot. ,but they felt very awkward when the photographer was asking them to pose in certain ways. Guests started to arrive and caught them in action. Also, they wanted a specific song to be played as their entrance music- which they wished would be used for the cinematography. But things got awkward when a different song was played mistakenly and they had to redo the entrance for just the sake of having a proper video!



 Farzana's suggestion for to-be-wed couple is to set priorities about what they want their wedding to be like. “Don’t blindly listen to people’s advice or copy an idea 100% from social media. Plan and discuss with your significant other, cooperate, run trials as much as possible, and spend rationally. Remember that you must have a lot of patience and flexibility - whether you plan & execute everything by yourself or consistently consult with a wedding planner” - Farzana


Biye Shamlao wishes Farzana and Ison a very happy anniversary, may they live a wonderful life with the blessings of everyone!  





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July 22, 2020
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July 17, 2020
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July 14, 2020
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July 12, 2020
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July 10, 2020
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July 03, 2020
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